Educating Staff

Waste Separation

Ok, so now it just feels like we’re boasting, but seriously, if like us doing your bit for the Planet is up there with breathing, then keep reading. Education is key when implementing a successful recycling system, so we give free Trash Talks to teach your crew how to use your new bins.

Free of charge, when we begin cleaning for your organisation regardless of whether you have 60 employees or 6,000 we will bring our show and tell kit when it suits you and your Team, and in our relaxed, down to earth way introduce everyone to your new Ecobin Recycling Program and answer any questions.


A. We find that in doing this there’s a bigger success rate of staff using the bins correctly, it minimises any repetitive questions you may have otherwise been asked and it shows your employees you’re serious about less to landfill and a greener tomorrow.

Win / Win / Win!