In the Planet Earth Head Office, we have Sam from Sales joining in Movember together with Matt. Over to you Sam…

“Over the course of our adult lives, most of us will suffer from some form of mental illness.


It’s a fact that we tend to ignore, especially for men as its just not the manly thing to talk about what is truly affecting us.
Even when we are part of the lucky minority not to have had to deal with mental illness we will surely know someone close that has.
Personally, some of my friends are no longer with us directly due to the effects of dealing with issues that seem insurmountable. Could I have helped them more? Is it possible that I could have intervened?
Perhaps, if it was a conversation more readily discussed amongst blokes, they would still be alive. As a father of three young adult men I want to believe that if and when they need help, there is a service or advisor they could turn to.
That’s why I feel contributing to the Movember movement is important and why I believe that with more resources and more conversation we can make a difference.”

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