We’re Australia’s Yoda of the Commercial Green Cleaning industry, wise in years, Master of our field; and we’re also green and unexpectedly adorable. We’ve been green since before it was cool (25 years and counting). We are advocates for people and planet. We’re all about sustainability, low-tox, happy staff, clean spaces, using our Keep Cup, saying no to single-use plastic and we enjoy humans with a sense of humour and personality. We’re not like other cleaning companies, we’re a bit quirky and that’s why our Clients love us. We clean like neat freaks and behave like your loveable best friend. We especially love emoji’s in text messages. We’re not the cheapest. Like many things in business, the choices you make are often dictated by cost. But whilst on paper the lowest price might look more favorable, the reality is we’re often the company called in to replace the previous cleaners who under-quoted and are under-delivering and underpaid. That’s not who we are – we deliver on what we promise without compromising our workers.

We are more than a cleaning company we’re a community of change makers who are passionate about sustainability and wellbeing. We create greener, happier and healthier workplaces for our clients, where their people can thrive. If you want to get in touch with us, then write us a love letter or send us pictures of puppies – that’s a surefire way to get our attention – and we’ll happily write you back! Thanks for stopping by!

(At this stage we do not do domestic cleaning services. Unless you’re Jason Momoa.)


It’s nice to meet you!

We’ll give it to you straight from the platypus’ mouth. We are an eclectic bunch of do-gooders who enjoy coming to work, not just because we have great chemistry which we channel into positive changes, but because we treat each other as our second family. We’re close-knit like a grandmother’s homespun socks. We’ll talk shop one minute, then talk football (the soccer variety) the next, spin around and talk about our environmental and charity efforts, then talk about who’s turn it is to bring in baked goods to share. We make an active effort to foster an environment in which we can do our best while also feeling our best. We truly love our jobs. We take pride and joy in our work. And naturally, a good working environment is reflective of the leadership of the one in charge. We are incredibly lucky to have someone as storied and positive leading us as the boss of bosses himself, John Engelander.