SEEK is a diverse group of companies that have a unified purpose to help people live more fulfilling and productive working lives and help organisations succeed. Established in 1997, our Melbourne-based headquarters have been working with The Planet Earth Cleaning Company since 2006, and have developed a strong working relationship through their understanding that SEEK prioritises having a positive impact on society and creating a community where everyone feels valued. With an onsite Planet Earth team in the SEEK office on a daily basis, they work as an extension of SEEK’s Office and People Support team to provide a consistent service, with a focus on minimising down time for staff.

The service provided by Planet Earth is highly tailored to what SEEK require; they build relationships with the wider team, they assist in the back of house aspects of services provided to employees, as well as assisting with the set up for cultural events and activities, reporting maintenance issues, and more. SEEK value Planet Earth’s offering of high quality cleaning services, and their daily onsite care and efforts, which helps us to ensure that the head office uses sustainable cleaning systems and products that look after SEEK’s employees and the environment.


60 Cremorne St Cremorne VIC 3121


13 Years

Why We Love Seek

"We love working with Seek, from feeding the pet fish to restocking the help yourself candy bar and every normal cleaning task in between, their clear expectations and communication help us to deliver results where it matters most to them. Even the simple things like frontward facing the complimentary amenities in the restrooms, because we know presentation is a driving value of theirs." Ed & Matt, Planet Earth Operations Team