Commercial Green Cleaning

Advocates for Humans & Earth

We’re Australia’s Yoda of the Commercial Green Cleaning industry, wise in years, Master of our field; and we’re also green and unexpectedly adorable.

Lickable Surfaces: We take the cleaning products we use seriously. Using GECA (Good Environment Choice Australia) Certified, which for you, your staff and our cleaners, means the absence of residual and airborne toxic substances left behind from common chemicals that other cleaning companies use to cut costs and corners. As with anything negative it can compound over time, and you don’t want that tipping point to impact your staff adversely.


A. In conventional cleaning products, there are some incredibly toxic nasties, ranging from Ammonia to Petroleum distillates (the list is long, google it sometime).

Continued exposure both at the time of using the product and the invisible residue it leaves behind can do some whacky and unpleasant things to us humans, not to mention the environment. We love both these living ecosystems, so it’s a no-brainer for us to use products that are equally (and in some cases, more) effective without the shady fine print.