Kathryn Renowden
Team Administrator for Ethical Properties

Before working with The Planet Earth, we had challenges finding a cleaning company that were like-minded, values aligned, very environmentally conscious, had good waste systems, and also treated their staff well and had a reliable team.

Working with Planet Earth was the first time we’d used a cleaning company where it felt like our feedback was taken on board and a consistent effort made to meet our shifting needs. Other companies hadn’t been able to continue to grow and change with us as our requirements evolved.

We’ve been really happy that there’s clear communication, Planet Earth’s mission is fantastic and we know that they’ll get the job done in the right way and ethically, which is really important for us, our stakeholders and for Ethical Property as a Company. Planet Earth practices what they preach so we feel like they employ good people and treat them well, and not all cleaning companies can say that.

The Inspection Reports and seeing the before and after really helps, as well as having documentation and photographs to rely on. We’d previously not had that experience with other cleaners, so that’s quite unique and important to us.

For us, the best part of working with Planet Earth has been that the entire team is so approachable, open and flexible.

If you are considering Planet Earth Cleaning, we would say that it’s important to think about a whole package that will suit your needs and budget. Planet Earth are very flexible and can work with what you have, as well as what you need.

In the next 25 years, we would love it if we could stop the temperature and sea levels rising, and save the Great Barrier Reef. It would be really amazing if we could transition over to renewable energy in a more substantial way and completely get rid of coal. We hope for electric cars, a sustainable future and making a more concerted effort to ensure we actually have a future!


Melbourne CBD & South Melbourne, Victoria


3 Years

Why We Love Ethical Property

"We love working with Ethical Property, their drive to do what is right is inspiring and powerful; it's been humbling to be invited to speak at their events. They're always looking to improve their environmental impact and embrace new initiatives like Soft Plastic waste separation and biodegradable bin liners. Oh, and did we mention they treat our Cleaning Team as their own and both acknowledge and recognise the efforts we all put in collectively to provide a level of service important to us. We have our own Mutual Admiration Society going on." - Ed and Matt, Planet Earth Operations Team