Wavelength Medical Recruitment


Wavelength partners with The Planet Earth Cleaning Company to further its environmental values and sustainability goals. 

Planet Earth Cleaning Client Case Study: Wavelength Medical Recruitment

Wavelength is a medical recruitment agency that assists in placing doctors in both permanent and locum roles across Australia and New Zealand. They are a large office with over 70 people and 1,600 square meters in size, based in Sydney. 

Wavelength believes that as a company, it is important to take steps to become more sustainable, and by making these practices visible to their employees, they will in turn take them back to their homes and families, thereby contributing to the community in a bigger way. They hope that in the future, global leaders will take real action on climate change, but the real change starts with individuals, no matter how small the action may seem. We all contribute to the bigger picture.

Wavelength has implemented many sustainability initiatives in the workplace over the last few years such as implementing the EcoBin Australia colour-coded recycling system, volunteer days to do a kayak and pick up rubbish in Sydney Harbour, and of course, partnering with The Planet Earth Cleaning Company for office green cleaning needs.

Wavelength has been a valued client of the Planet Earth Cleaning Company since February 2019. Here is what Caitlyn Fehily from Wavelength has to say about the partnership and their experience to date – 

Q. What was your challenge before you found Planet Earth Cleaning? What made you choose us?

A. “We were looking for a new cleaning company for various reasons, and when we came across The Planet Earth Cleaning Company we were really impressed with their philosophy and thought it would be the perfect fit for Wavelength.”

Q. How are Planet Earth’s environmental values aligned with Wavelength?

A. “One of Wavelength’s four values is Integrity, i.e “doing the right thing”. We strive to act with integrity in our work so we look to partner with companies that do the same.  I think this translates perfectly with Planet Earth and its mission to clean in an ethical way that is good for our planet and the people and animals that share it.”

Q. “What surprised you most or made you happiest about partnering with The Planet Earth Cleaning Company?

A. “The people are all so friendly and lovely. Almost immediately we built a friendship with Sergio our cleaner, he always stops for a chat with staff and I wouldn’t be surprised if he knew everyone’s name. We were also very impressed with the operations team, we found they’re always looking for solutions to problems and ways to innovate and improve their service.”

Q. What do you think is important for people to consider when choosing The Planet Earth Cleaning Company for their cleaning? What do people need to know about us?

A. “The changeover from our previous cleaning company was so seamless and thorough. The team took a lot of care when planning our service and worked with us on tailoring the best plan we could get. Over COVID they were so accommodating with various changes, be it the pausing of our cleaning while in lockdown, to super detailed COVID cleaning when we returned. Everyone at The Planet Earth Cleaning Company is so thoughtful and ethical in what they do. You can trust they are offering you the best service for your company’s individual needs.”