Enviro Initiatives

Ecobin & Tersano

It’s at about this point enquiring customers realise we’re a little different to others in our field. For 10 years now we’ve partnered with Ecobin, Australia’s favourite recycling bin system and when you get us, you get Ecobin Waste Stations rolled out too – and did we mention Tersano?

Tersano is an incredibly clever piece of equipment we install in the buildings of the larger sites we clean. This machine turns ordinary tap water into a natural liquid cleaning agent that can be used as traditional surface and glass chemical cleaners would, but without the toxicity, pollution or threat of damaging waterways. Ask us someday, we could talk for hours about this beauty.


A. If you’re all about sustainability, low-tox, happy staff, clean spaces, using your Keep Cup, saying no to single-use plastic AND you enjoy humans with a sense of humour and personality, then we’d probably make great friends.

Every day we’re driven to create a positive ripple for this Planet and its inhabitants. We don’t stop at just green cleaning because the more that each of us can do to secure a healthy green future the better.

As Robert Swan said, “The Greatest Threat to Our Planet Is the Belief That Someone Else Will Save It”…