We’re a motley crew, but we scrub up pretty well. A close-knit bunch, we’re a second family to one another and the office is always alive with banter, Football talk (of the soccer variety), laughter that makes your cheeks hurt, Spotify playlists pumping and playing with our two office dogs.

It’s because of this utopian environment that we have more drive, commitment and joy in our work than the average Joe; and it’s all thanks to the Boss Man, John Engelander.


A true force of nature, CEO & Founder John was green way before it was cool. It was his belief in profit with a purpose that led him to start The Planet Earth Cleaning Company circa 1994, and he has been inspiring people and companies to be greener and better for the planet ever since.

In 2007, John completed his certificate in Sustainability Advocacy at Swinburne University.  He believes, “when you look after the planet, you look after yourself”.   When we influence others to take responsible actions there is a ripple effect.  And that’s part of doing good by being good.

Today, John works with people that are looking for a healthier alternative & genuinely cares about making a difference to the planet, whether that’s through The Planet Earth Cleaning Company, the EcoBin business, or his personal advocacy & public speaking. John believes “conscious consumption is a great way to start.  Afterall, less is more, and your planet will be healthier for it.” Now that’s good for business.

Out of the office John burns off some of his high energy levels with water sports, snow skiing, mountain bike riding, cardio pilates and enjoying time in nature. And when not running after his kids and dogs, he likes to tinker on the piano, watch movies and have dinner with friends.


Our fearless General Manager Ed, originally from Venezuela, relocated to Australia with his family in 2009 and has been keeping the team in check ever since!

Ed has a background in Engineering and computer science, and this experience coupled with his sharp ability for problem solving, managing resources and project coordination, has allowed him to flourish as General Manager. With big visions for the company in his sights, Ed is focused on making sustainable decisions and creating long lasting bonds.

Father of 3, Ed’s family is his first passion. Skiing and the snow a very close second! When Ed is not in the office, you will find him hitting the slopes on a winter’s day. While he’s not ready to turn pro just yet, there’s always smiles and joy along the way.


He’s part of the furniture at Planet Earth and is the one that WOW’s our partners by inspiring and educating on all things green and clean.  As well as being an Environmental Sustainability Advocate Sam has a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering and background in Computer Programming.

Sam loves to meet challenges head on, and he does it well with his own unique style (and lots of coffee).  Sam brings a calm, cheerful, and steadying vibe to our crew and we love him for that. Oh… and he brings donuts!! (We love those too).

Apart from helping the environment, Sam loves to spend time with his three boys, and enjoys a multitude of energetic hobbies such as racing motorbikes, inline skating, tennis, squash, snowboarding and walking his dogs. Wow.


Our in house storyteller, Kate knows a thing or two about Digital Marketing, Communications, Social media and PR, and she has the creds to back it up.

With a BA Business (Marketing) and Certificate in Digital Marketing Strategy, Kate is also passionate about environmental conservation and wildlife protection. She spends her free time helping two animal welfare charities and is committed to utilising her years of marketing expertise to inspire a positive future for the planet.

Ever the optimist, Kate is known for her positive energy, strategic thinking and tenacity. When she’s not in front of a digital screen of some form, Kate can be found at the gym, cooking up a storm (living her best plant based life) coffees or wines with friends, and patting dogs (literally anyone’s dogs, yes she’s that girl!)


Originally from the UK where he worked as a firefighter, Matt trotted the globe living in Canada and India, before fully converting to the Aussie lifestyle in 2012.

When Matt isn’t jumping on the trampoline or playing sonic the hedgehog with his kids, he is out there bringing coffees and laughs to our clients.

It is his friendly, approachable personality and background in operations that has allowed him to expand his role into client relations where he looks after new and existing clients, even forming their own secret handshakes.

Matt’s passion for people is exemplified through both his professional and personal endeavours. In his spare time, he works on a passion project dedicated to building a school in Nepal where he has built lasting friendships that make a real difference to the lives of hundreds of local kids.


If you need something fixed, organised or sorted out, Heidi is your go-to. Our Operations Co-ordinator, or in-house MacGyver if you will, Heidi keeps the operational cogs turning, all whilst making sure our cleaning ninjas have everything they need to brighten up our valued clients workspaces. Now that’s impressive.

With a background in Banking and Finance, Heidi loves working at the Planet Earth Cleaning Company because everyone shares a commitment to making the environment a better place, including our awesome clients.

In her spare time, Heidi is an avid painter and digital artist. She can also often be found bingeing sci fi movies (Alien is her favourite) and goes camping at every opportunity!


Jeff is our administrator and bookkeeper extraordinaire. He has been with us almost from the start. Since joining the company, he has been inspired to become more environmentally conscious.

He believes the company is making a difference as he always says, “I know how important our company is – it’s special –unlike any other cleaning company”.

Jeff is a man of few words, bit of a neat freak and maintains a clean desk at work as well as a clean home. He enjoys spending time with the grandkids and family, and to relax he enjoys a beer or two and dabbling on the share market.


Hi frens, I’ve been with the Planet Earth Cleaning Company since I was a pup (almost 9 years now).

Getting pats from the team is my way of keeping everyone chill & stress free. I also keep a close eye on any snacks that might come my way, making sure there’s no crumbs on the floor is how I help our cleaning teams.

Originally a rescue pup, now living my best doggo life, I love going on adventures with my human Sam (he takes me everywhere with him), going to the beach or the park, chasing and rounding up other dogs & observing funny human behaviour such as continually throwing balls away only to have them returned by their loyal canine’s.

My other job is head of security. Our postman takes the time to feed me a dog biscuit every time he visits, which is as it should be. Woof.