For buildings that have suspected or confirmed exposure to Covid-19

We follow a six step approach as recommended by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC):

1. Incident Site Risk Assessment

We establish that the area is safe for our team to work in and identify exposure levels in each area to focus our efforts where it is needed most.

2. Pre-Disinfection

Any visible contamination has to be effectively removed prior to disinfecting.

3. Load Reduction

We remove and properly dispose of any waste or visible biomatter.

4. Forensic Cleaning

Meticulous manual wiping and scrubbing of all surfaces, both horizontal and vertical.

5. Professional Disinfection Including Spraying/Fogging

We use multiple techniques to disinfect all surfaces.

We use TGA approved hospital-grade disinfectants and use a process called Fogging. Using a handheld fogging machine, we spray all surfaces and leave them wet for at least five minutes before removing the disinfectant. This ensures that we can disinfect hard to reach areas such as walls, ceilings, curtains, blinds and air conditioning units.

6. Post Site Assessment for Quality Control

We conduct a post-disinfection visual inspection.