If health and sustainability are two things your business values, chemical free cleaning is probably one of your priorities. The good news is you don’t need to waste time pouring over ingredients in cleaning products to find the right solution. There’s a whole new approach that’s simple, affordable, sustainable and completely free from toxins. 

Imagine this brilliance for a moment: a small and simple device that lets you transform your tap water into a cleaning product more powerful than bleach. Sounds too good to be true? We’re happy to report it’s not. It’s a product that exists and is offered by the Planet Earth Cleaning Company.

Cleaning with the power of oxygen 

Utilising the power of oxygen, this innovative new device transforms everyday tap water into a potent cleaning agent. This means you can say goodbye harsh chemicals and expensive natural potions, tapping into a never-ending flow of multipurpose cleaning power. 

This groundbreaking technology, which is set to redefine how we approach cleaning tasks, relies on a simple yet revolutionary process. First, oxygen is drawn from the air and safely turned into ozone before being infused into ordinary tap water. The ozone then gravitates to germs, soils and bacteria, quickly attacking and eliminating contaminants it comes in contact with. Once the ozone does its job cleaning and sanitising, only pure oxygen and water are left behind—meaning a safe and clean-free environment. 

This remarkable process sets a new standard for chemical free cleaning and puts other traditional cleaning products to shame. And it easily outshines the commercial cleaning products businesses have been turning to for years. 

Results that shine in more ways than one

Using this innovative chemical-free cleaning device isn’t just a chance to keep nasty, hazardous toxins out of your space, it’s a chance to do better for the environment. 

Despite using water as its base, this device uses 90% less water than conventional cleaning methods, saving valuable resources and ensuring eco-friendly cleaning practices. On top of this, it uses 83% less plastic packaging compared to traditional cleaning products, making it a leading cleaning choice when it comes to sustainability. 

Though some other cleaning products on the market have low chemicals and sustainable packaging, few can also offer a robust, unquestionable clean. Ozone technology consistently outperforms traditional chemical-based cleaners, wiping out an impressive 99.999% of germs. That makes it more powerful than the toxic cleaning agent, bleach. 

A powerful cleaning alternative you can truly rely on 

The power of this alternative cleaning method is unmatched by anything else available in traditional commercial cleaning. Not only can it be relied on for offices and busy businesses, but even for vital surfaces in places like healthcare facilities. 

So what are you waiting for? Bin the bleach and get ready to embrace a chem free cleaning alternative you can truly rely on. 

To learn more, contact the Planet Earth Cleaning Company today on 1300 853 043.

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