We’d like to take a moment to talk about the coolest thing. It’s something our clients love, and something that will make your office the greenest place around. 

When we clean our homes and offices, most of our waste water is treated before entering our waterways, however not all of these chemicals can be removed by these treatment plants. Toxic compounds still make their way into the water and can cause havoc to our marine friends. 

So, have you ever wondered if it’s possible to clean your office without using any chemicals, green or not?

Well, the geniuses at Tersano have created a machine that does just that (and no, we’re not sponsored!)

The Tersano system creates a liquid cleaning agent that contains no chemicals whatsoever. Instead, it creates stabilised aqueous ozone (03) which converts back to water and oxygen just hours after use. 

Pretty cool, right? 

This system keeps all of those nasty chemicals out of our homes, offices and waterways. It also prevents airborne chemical particles from hanging around and effecting everyone’s health. 

It works by using an electric current to turn O2 into O3, and mixing it with water. This creates Stabilised Aqueous Ozone, which can quickly kill bacteria, viruses, and mould. Once used, the Ozone reverts back to water and oxygen within a few hours, leaving no toxic residue at all. 

For large offices, Tersano have an SAO Dispenser that can create large amounts of cleaning product on-demand. For smaller officers, there is the new iClean Mini which is a handheld cleaner. 

If we clean for you, and you’re interested in having this beautiful, eco-friendly machine in your office, give us a call – we can organise the installation for you. 

10/10 fish would recommend!

For more information, visit https://www.tersano.com/






Photo by Erda Estremera on Unsplash

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