If you’ve been following us, you’ve already read about how we can make our office environment eco-friendly. Sustainable practices like saving energy, saving paper, growing plants around the office, proper waste stream management and happier staff are parts of Green business.

However, to make your business completely eco-friendly, there is more to add. Green Business has much to do with the products or services that are involved in it. If you are not using green materials, or if you are not practising green methods, there is room for improvement. 

The consumer is becoming more aware of the benefits of sustainability, which contributes toward big brands doubling their efforts to make their products environmentally sustainable by using green resources and adopting green practices. Making your business more eco-friendly means serving the planet and thinking about future generations, which at the same time makes your business more attractive and in turn, gets you more business. Here are a few tips that you can implement to make your business eco-friendly: 

Product/Material/Ingredients – Many Australian companies of all sizes are switching their products to greener versions. If you produce your own goods, you can go for the best eco-friendly and responsibly sourced materials available for the manufacturing of your final products. There is a huge range of recyclable and sustainable materials, which can also help to cut down the product cost. If you are in the food industry, you can use completely organic ingredients and minimise preservatives as nobody wants to make health compromises. And if you are in the service industry, like us, you can use the best green products available and implement eco-friendly practices.

Pollution Measures – Get installed proper treatment plants, in case your business demands to release any harmful residue or gasses. This will not only help the environment but take care of the health of you and your people, who work for you. Try to avoid as much wastage as you can as wastage and overheads can never be good for any business that you do. Green thinking should be a part of your work culture. Involve your employees by running awareness campaigns on a regular basis.

Green Vendors – You can make a rule to work with green vendors only. While interviewing them, ask for their inputs on what can be done to make your and their business more ecofriendly. Always try to buy green products, equipments and services and encourage your vendors to do the same. Consumers have become very conscious and notice these things if you mention it on the branding of your product. So it can be a very healthy practise for your business and a good environment.

Green Web Hosting – If you have a website, go for green web hosting. Facebook and Google have already done that, and your company can do that too. There are many affordable green web hosts available where the energy is coming from renewable sources or server providers are carbon-neutral, which helps you reduce your carbon footprints, as well as supporting hosts that are doing the right thing. 

Awareness of Environmental Regulations – This can help you to protect the environment, but it can also save you from any fines and other risks. Keeping all the records for these regulations can help you resolve any kind of compliance issues before they arise.

Make your business truly green to protect the environment from pollution and degradation and protect society from harm. It’s a truly great feeling to know that the quality of life is raised with your products or services!

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