Extra attention to high-touch areas in your space

In this process, we visit your home or workplace and sanitise all high traffic touch points that have the potential to harbour virus and bacteria.

This includes areas such as, but not limited to, door handles, kitchen and bathroom buttons and handles, taps, light switches, desks, keyboards, mice and others.

We may also use a fogging/spraying technique to sanitise any fabric surfaces or hard-to-reach places that you need sanitised.

We use the following hospital grade chemicals:

  1. Tango by Agar
  2. Viraclean by Whiteley
  3. HygeniClean by Agar

We also use Tersano Aqueous Ozone to disinfect your space. This has passed tests for effectiveness against Coronavirus.

Our service can be booked as a one-off or a recurring service. Always flexible to attend to your needs.

Prices start at $138* per service!

*Prices are exclusive of GST