Before discussing the benefits of going green, you need to understand its importance. Green living or “going green” is a way of life that helps in maintaining the natural ecological balance in the environment. The importance of going green has increased with the concern of global warming, pollution  and the conservation of natural resources. These are three major reasons which drive the global push to stay green. Creating a sustainable planet for future generations gives the hope of a cleaner, safer and brighter future. 

There are many things you can easily do in your daily routine to stay green, for example streamlining waste management, reducing pollution, saving electricity, water and gas, recycling non-biodegradable products, composting, avoiding plastic, growing more plants and trees, and cutting car use. Helping to maintain the ecological balance on the earth empowers all  living beings to not only survive but thrive in their natural habitat.

Let’s get back to the topic and discuss some of those valuable benefits now! 

  1. Healthy Lives – The most rewarding benefit of staying green is to live a healthy, secure and fearless life. Air pollution, water pollution and global warming are affecting the planet, and going green is the only solution that can help. The more you’ll stay green, the more you can keep yourself and your families away from the polluted and unhealthy environment. As George William Curtis said,  “Happiness lies, first of all, in health.”
  2. Cost CuttingWhen you conserve natural resources for example, by saving water, electricity and adopting other green tips, you help to reduce the amount that needs to be spent on these natural resources. It is also cheaper to implement precautions against pollution, than to go for its cure after spreading it.
  3. Sustainability – Actually, it’s not only just a benefit but a need that is highly required. Too much waste of natural resources, an increase in earth’s pollution levels and rising temperatures  are spoiling the ecosystem. Clean air, water, land and food are necessary for survival and becoming more and more scarce. The damage that has already been done can only be repaired by going green. You need to start adopting green practices in your daily lives, as well as encouraging others to do the same. You can do what you have to do, and sometimes you can do it even better than you think you can! – Jimmy Carter
  4. Better QualityGoing green offer us a better quality of life. You might think that luxurious lifestyle is qualitative, however material luxuries can only bring you temporary happiness. There are other things like relationships, self-realization, etc which matter more than these material luxuries. Moreover, going green does not mean to give up the comfortable life. It just means to be more considerate for the things you use and the environment you live in. This can be easily done by being more mindful of the effects of what you do and what you use. By staying green you will get a cleaner and more beautiful environment, free of pollution and free of impurities. With a better quality of air, surroundings and food, you are more likely to lead a healthier and happier life with your loved ones. Quality of life is not about what you find in the stores, but it’s about happier and healthier lives.
  5. DevelopmentThe concept of green living is spreading faster than a morning glory. There is a greater demand for research and development in the area of green energies, green technologies, green offices, green markets, green cleaning, recycling, etc. The market for eco-friendly products is expanding with every advancement, and these developments are making it easier for people to adopt green living practices. 

So let’s start today and create a better future for the generations to come. Green living is a habit, and picking it up is not as difficult as you might think. Starting out with baby steps can create a major impact on the sustainability of this planet. All you need is a little effort and passion for the world and this beautiful life.

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