Environmental sustainability improves the quality of the environment by ensuring that we don’t use more than what the earth can replenish, protecting the environment from degradation and saving natural resources to ensure our planet can continue to be beautiful and rich with life. 

Environmentally sustainable products, services or practices either have a neutral or beneficial effect on the environment. Most eco-friendly products and services are environmentally sustainable, so using more eco-friendly practices will help contribute towards sustainability. 

It is very important to protect the environment from all kinds of pollution, deforestation and wastage of natural resources. Environmental protection and development have a very strong negative relationship, but newer models of development are being created with sustainability in mind

With an increase in the demand for sustainability, many brands and businesses have turned their products and services eco-friendly by using more environmentally sustainable materials and processes. Consumers have also become aware of what is good and bad for the environment. Ingredients are being checked more often for every sold product, and plastic bags are being denied by the customers. The demand for organic foods and organic clothing has increased in the market with this awareness.

The Automotive sector has innovated better engines that create less air pollution and consume less fossil fuels. eBikes have been introduced. Compost farming is becoming increasingly popular, and biodegradable plastics are now being used. Cosmetics and cleaning products manufacturers are using green ingredients which are non-toxic and sustainably sourced (yay!). Cleaning companies are also using green products and applying all other environmentally sustainable practices such as making sure harmful chemicals don’t enter the water supply. PV (photovoltaic) solar installations, solar geysers, solar lights and many other products which can run using solar energy are being promoted by both manufacturers and the Australian government. This decade has shown a boom in environmentally sustainable products and services

People are talking more about going green and implementing these environmentally sustainable practices like waste stream management – reduce/recycle/reuse, growing trees, sustainable eating and cooking, saving energy and water, saving paper and many more.

The time has come when everybody needs to think sensibly, use products logically and buy according to need. Mother earth has everything that people need, but not enough for their greed. Let’s abide by these environmentally sustainable practices and keep it rolling!

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