We’re sure you’ve heard people talking about it; green cleaning services have become more and more sought after with the rise of environmentally-friendly practices. But what is green cleaning? 

Green cleaning is a cleaning method that uses eco-friendly products and procedures in order to sustain a healthy life and a clean environment. In a nutshell, this avoids the use of products that contain malicious chemicals, some of which emit hazardous compounds causing respiratory, dermatological and other medical problems. Researchers have found that using a household cleaning spray, even as little as once a week, increases the risk of developing asthma. 

Green cleaning services use cleaning solutions and methods that are healthier for both you and the planet, with its main objective to keep our environment healthy, clean and growing. Therefore, green-cleaning plays a significant role in the well-being of society.

In conventional cleaning products, there are some obnoxious toxins like ammonia, phosphates, chlorine, petroleum distillates, artificial fragrances, artificial colours, etc. (you’ll get bored if I name them all…) The direct exposure to these products is harmful, but the after-effects of their invisible residue can also do some wacky things to us humans. 

Eco-friendly methods give you an active role in slowing down pollution to our landfills, atmosphere, rivers and oceans, reducing their effect on ozone depletion and global climate change.

Pollutants easily enter our precious water supplies, as water treatment plants struggle to treat a large volume of such chemicals. From there these toxic chemicals can easily dribble down to wildlife and other natural resources. On the other hand, the products that are used in green cleaning methods are completely non-toxic and hygienic. There are many green cleaning products available these days which are made with substances like baking soda, ​vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, lemon, etc and they are better in terms of quality cleaning. These are natural green cleaners. Also, hygienic microfiber cloths and mops are used in green cleaning instead of traditional mops, dusters and sponges. By adapting reusable microfiber technology you can reduce a lot of paper and plastic waste.

There is a huge variety of eco-friendly options for those interested in green cleaning, and they can easily fit into your existing routine without taking too much time or effort. All it takes is some forward-thinking!

Going Green is a mindset that contributes towards the improvement of this planet, making this Earth a better place to live for future generations to come. Making a few small steps at a time can make a big difference so green up your cleaning routine and create a healthier, safer and cleaner environment in the office and at home for yourself and for others.

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