We are often asked the question ‘What is the difference between commercial and domestic cleaning?’ so we thought that we would pop on our super hero capes and fly on in to help explain the main differences between the two for you.

Domestic Cleaning

Domestic cleaning is how you would classify cleaning for residential homes and properties. The cleaning service would most likely be organised by the individual looking to clean their home/property and be organised through a local cleaning company, individual or specialist cleaning service. Domestic cleaning is a less formal arrangement that can be weekly, monthly etc and the responsibility would be on the individual booking the service to ensure that their cleaner has police checks etc. and is using the products that you would like to be used in your home (ie. not lots of harmful chemicals).

Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is how you would classify cleaning for corporate workspaces (ie. offices, universities etc) and is required on a more regular basis. The Planet Earth Cleaning Company offers commercial cleaning services to offices in both Melbourne and Sydney that have on average 60 – 100 staff members.

Commercial cleaning equipment is often larger and more powerful than those used in domestic cleaning, purely for the scale of the areas and the amount of use that they are cleaning. There’s also a hot rumour that the cleaners are all closet Ghost Busters fans and love having vacuums strapped onto their backs that resemble proton packs. We can neither confirm nor deny these rumours.

One of the best benefits of commercial cleaning, is that when you use a company such as The Planet Earth Cleaning Company, you are not only comforted knowing that all of our amazing, friendly cleaners are all police checked but we also provide you with a JESA (job safety analysis) and a MSDS (a chemical data safety sheet).

We are so proud to be the original green cleaning company and are very passionate about providing amazing quality products and services to all of our clients, knowing that we are doing our best to reduce the impact on our environment.

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