When it comes to searching for a commercial office cleaner, it can sometimes be quite an overwhelming task. Initially it may seem as simple as typing in ‘commercial office cleaner’ into Google, however it can quickly turn to panic stations when you see all the search results and then realise you have no idea how to tell one company apart from another.

At The Planet Earth Cleaning Company we pride ourselves on our outstanding customer service, our long term partnerships with our clients and of course our focus on being a leading ‘green’ cleaning company, so we’d be happy to provide you with some hints and tips on what you should be looking for in a commercial office cleaner

  • Expertise – it is important to look into who the experts are in this space. Is the company that you’re looking at a leader in their field and do they specialise specifically in commercial cleaning.
  • Client Testimonials & Feedback – the best feedback that you could hope to find, is feedback directly from the customers. Does the company offer you the opportunity to read first hand testimonials and feedback from their clients, and what sort of a reputation does the company have? Look at their clients names and see if there is a good representation of companies that are happy with their service and standards.
  • Company Values – it is very important to ensure that the company that you choose to work with has a clear set of values and principles, and that these align to your companies values and brand. The Planet Earth Cleaning Company are very passionate about our planet, which is why we use eco-friendly products and are GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia) certified. We also value our relationships with our clients very highly. We are so much more than a service provider, we are in a partnership with our clients and we work closely with them to ensure that their goals are achieved, and they feel supported along every step of the way.
  • Price and Standards – although price is obviously one that most people would look for when searching for a commercial office cleaner, it is also important to remember the standard of work that you are wanting to achieve. At The Planet Earth Cleaning Company we understand the issues facing many companies when it comes to budget constraints, however we also pride ourselves on the standard of cleaning that we provide which is why we work so closely with our clients to ensure that we can find the exact balance that they are after.
  • Technology – a great question to ask when you are looking for a commercial cleaning company is to ask about the technology that they use. Is it outsourced, managed overseas or offsite and therefore susceptible to time delays or restricted in what it can actually deliver? At The Planet Earth Cleaning Company we use our own in-house designed software that can carry out quick and accurate on the site quotations and follow up inspections.
  • The little ‘extras’ – when you are looking through a multitude of cleaning companies they all may start to look the same. When it comes to The Planet Earth Cleaning Company we pride ourselves on going that extra mile to help our clients have a fantastic office cleaning experience. We love nothing more than popping on our best fake moustaches, bowler hats and white gloves and ‘mystery shop’ at our sites to ensure that the cleaning is to the standard that we promise to deliver to you.
    We are a fun company, with an awesome team, and as soon as you pick up the phone and chat to one of us or meet with us in person you’ll feel right at home and like you’re part of our family too. We are always happy to chat about any feedback or issues that may arise at any stage and of course are very happy to brighten your day with our best one liners and Dad jokes if that’s what you need to brighten up your day.

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